The principle “Catch And Store Energy” emphasizes the efficient use and storage of energy resources within a system. It encourages us to recognize and harness various forms of renewable energy, such as sunlight, wind, and water when these sources are abundant. This principle additionally encourages us to use energy-efficient systems, such as soil with high humus content, passive solar design, or even libraries. By implementing strategies to catch and store energy, permaculture systems become more sustainable, resilient, and self-sufficient.

A prime example of catching and storing energy commonly used by permaculturists is the use of rainwater harvesting barrels. By storing rainwater in a concealed container, you can reuse it to water plants, saving money and water.  

To learn about how to DIY your own rain barrel, read here.

To learn more about this principle and others, read the “Essence of Permaculture” by David Holmgren.

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