The following table contains many (but not all, yet!) of the plants currently being cultivated at the Southside Permaculture Park.

Full profiles of each plant, including cultivation tips, uses, and relationships coming soon!

Species Index

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Plant NameLayerBedProfile
American PersimmonCanopyPeanut American Persimmon Profile
Anise HyssopHerbaceous Flower & HerbAnise Hyssop Profile
ArugulaHerbaceousPeanutArugula Profile
BasilHerbaceousFlower & Herb Basil Profile
BarberryBarberry Profile
BeansBeans Profile
Bracket FungiFungalBracket Fungi Profile
Black CurrantShrubPeanut
Blackcap RaspberryShrubSidewalkBlackcap Raspberry Profile
Bronze FennelShrubFlower & HerbBronze Fennel
CarrotRootPeanutCarrot Profile
Catawba GrapeVine SidewalkCatawba Grape Profile
ChamomileHerbaceousFlower & HerbChamomile Profile
ChanterelleFungalChanterelle Profile
ChestnutChestnut Profile
Chicken of the WoodsFungalChicken of the Woods Profile
ChickweedChickweed Profile
ChicoryHerbaceousChicory Profile
ComfreyHerbaceousSidewalkComfrey Profile
Cone Flower (Echinacea)HerbaceousFlower & Herb Echinacea Profile
CoreopsisHerbaceousFlower & Herb Coreopsis Profile
Creeping ZinniaGroundcoverFlower & Herb
Crimson CloverGround CoverPeanutCrimson Clover Profile
Curly KaleHerbaceousPeanutCurly Kale Profile
DandelionHerbaceousFlower & HerbDandelion Profile
DillHerbaceousFlower & HerbDill Profile
ElderberryShrubFlower & Herb Elderberry Profile
Fall Gold RaspberryShrubSidewalkFall Gold Raspberry Profile
GarlicRootSidewalk, PeanutGarlic Profile
Garlic MustardGarlic Mustard Profile
Hardy Kiwi (Issai)VineSidewalk
Hazelnut (American Filbert)ShrubPeanut, HedgerowHazelnut Profile
HenbitHenbit Profile
HickoryHickory Profile
Honey LocustCanopySidewalkHoney Locust Profile
Jelly EarFungalJelly Ear Profile
Lemon BalmLemon Balm Profile
MarigoldPeanut, Sidewalk, Flower & HerbMarigold Profile
MiatakeFungalMiatake Profile
MintHerbaceousMint Profile
Miscanthus GrassSidewalkMiscanthus Profile
MulberryCanopySidewalkMulberry Profile
MulleinHerbaceousPeanutMullein Profile
Nanking CherryShrubFlower & Herb Nanking Cherry Profile
NasturtiumFlower & HerbNasturtium Profile
NettleNettle Profile
OakCanopyOak Profile
OnionRootSidewalkOnion Profile
Onion GrassOnion Grass
Oyster MushroomFungalOyster Mushroom Profile
PlantainGroundcoverPlantain Profile
RadishRootRadish Profile
Red WinecapFungalRed Winecap Profile
Sea KaleHerbaceousPeanutSea Kale Profile
SeaberryShrubPeanutSeaberry Profile
SkirretRootPeanutSkirret Profile
SorrelHerbaceousPeanutSorrel Profile
SquashSquash Profile
TomatoHerbaceousTomato Profile
Turkey TailFungalTurkey Tail Profile
Turkish RocketHerbaceousPeanutTurkish Rocket Profile
VioletGroundcoverSidewalkViolet Profile
Violet PolyporeFungalViolet Polypore Profile
WalnutWalnut Profile