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Hi there Permaculturalists,

Happy June! It’s been a few months since our last update but this summer be ready to see regular updates straight from the park. Due to COVID some big projects took a bit of hiatus but we’re back and ready to see them to fruition. Let’s get onto the updates!

The Herb Spiral. As you may have read in our last summer update, this spiral garden bed, made of black locust logs stuck vertically into the ground, creates different micro-climates that suit a variety of herbs and plants. Around this centerpiece will be petals home to garden beds where we’re looking for community input on what to grow. Let us know your favorite summer vegetables and maybe you’ll see them growing at the Park for you to harvest! Beyond the spiral will be a pathway leading into the Park from Summit street which will make this Southside green space a welcome environment for the Bethlehem community. Although it’s not yet built, please walk in and say hello if you see anyone working at the park!

In recent news, the Little Library has been installed at the Park. Come find it at the corner of Summit and Montclair for pamphlets on the motivations behind the Permaculture Park and books on topics ranging from poetry to post-industrialism (with some gardening literature in there as well). 

The Southside Permaculture Park is also planning on installing an orchard at the top of the plot with fruit trees that will not only provide shade for picnicking but also supply fresh food for passersby. If you have any thoughts on which fruit you would like to see growing nearby, leave a comment below and have a say in your community space. 

A current project we’re very excited about is the three sisters garden! This staple of permaculture growing comes from Native American agricultural tradition and exemplifies the symbiotic relationship plants can have when growing together. This plot will be home to corn, beans, and squash so be sure to check the garden’s progress throughout the summer. We’ll be making an in-depth website post about three sisters gardens soon so keep an eye out if you’re interested in learning more about this permaculture practice. 

Lastly, the Permaculture Park will be holding community events throughout the summer so be sure to check the website and our Facebook for regular updates. We’re planning on holding park tours where the ethics and principles of Permaculture are explained and explored in the context of the park. The Permaculture Park will be home to educational planting workshops and as a space for local schools and organizations to do community service or simply be in a green space after a long day. We will also be bringing back events like the swap shop and harvest days where local residents can come get free produce. 

Look forward to plenty of posts on the website from recipes to at-home permaculture tips and please leave your thoughts in the comments, we would love to hear from and interact with you! 

Until next time, the Southside Permaculture Park


P.S. Be sure to check out our instagram and facebook, both can be found at (@southsidepermaculturepark) or in the contact us section at the bottom of the page

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