The Southside Permaculture Park is a ΒΌ acre plot of land located on the corner of Summit St. and Montclair St., designed to be an urban permaculture park and community garden. The mission of the park is to serve as a space to restore the health and wellness of the environment and community through implementing regenerative practices. 

Permaculture itself is a holistic design philosophy that mimics relationships found in nature and leverages Indigenous knowledge to create sustainable, self-regulating systems. Permaculture design philosophy and community gardens have a myriad of benefits for community and environmental health and wellness, ranging from producing sustainable food options to restoring connections between people and planet.  At the park, we use permaculture philosophy to grow high-yielding, pesticide-free crops. 

Our vision for the park is to serve as a public greenspace, community garden, and learning environment. We also intend to serve as a model for other urban greenspace projects, enabling others to practice permaculture philosophy and promote community wellness.

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Cate Adams, Emma Clopton, Isabelle Spirk, and Julie Wright
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