Getting our Hands Dirty Together

People Care is the second ethic of permaculture. This ethic, much like fair share, can be easily derived from earth care. Many of our physical needs can be met by taking care of the earth and allowing it to flourish. We can grow nutritious food and design systems that prioritize the earth, which must then benefit us as members of a wider global community who all depend on the earth’s natural resources and yields. 

In other ways, caring for the earth can also care for people. There are numerous research initiatives and studies on the benefits of being submerged in nature. Caring for the earth and being within a community in which everyone does so not only connects us to nature individually but connects us with each other. And,  just as much as we all need food, water, and shelter, we also need friendships, family, and a sense of belonging. 

Reflecting the permaculture principles that encourage positive feedback loops, Earth Care, by bringing people together (and providing care for people), will create better, more diverse ways to care for the earth, in the end increasing communities’ resilience, creativity, and connectedness.

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