Time: 5-20 minutes

Crunchy and salty, these kale and dandelion chips are a nutritious substitute for greasy potato chips, satisfying cravings without sacrificing health. So simple and quick, this recipe makes a great after school snack that kids can even make themselves!



  • Rinse kale, dandelion, and rocket; shake dry
    • add some arugula for extra flavor
  • Chop or tear leaves into pieces about 2 inches on a side
  • Place on a baking sheet and lightly pour oil on top, toss to evenly coat all leaves, too much oil will prevent leaves from crisping
    • If desired, crush garlic clove and place in a cup with oil for 20 minutes before hand to infuse oil with garlic flavor
  • sprinkle sea salt and spices over oiled greens
  • Bake at 375 ºF for ~15 minutes, or until crunchy
    • Alternate: if making a small amount, they can be made in the toaster oven or in a frying pan

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