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With the polar vortex bringing bone-chilling cold this winter, it seemed like spring couldn’t come soon enough. But after some crazy cycles of freeze and thaw, it seems spring is finally creeping in. A walk into the garden yesterday to observe and interact revealed many happy perennials with sings of life, awaiting the break of spring to pop out from dormancy and start catching that life-giving sunlight.

So if you’re feeling those winter doldrums, take a walk to the garden and you’ll be sure to find all kinds of life! Here are some of the highlights:

Garlic, planted as a clove in the fall, poking up through the snow.
More garlic sending up its first leaf.
Sorrel showing signs of life with some deep red veins.
Turkish Rocket sending up a new leaf from its root crown.
More new leaves coming up from another turkish rocket plant
Growth buds on a black currant awaiting the warmth of spring to burst into life.
More currant growth buds
Growth buds on an elderberry.
More elderberry growth buds
The green bark of these young honey locusts hints at their inner life and plans for re-emergence with the warming weather.
Comfrey sending up new leaves from its root crown. In the next week or two we will go back in and cut away the dead leaves and use them for living mulch.
Leaves coming up from a grey-head coneflower.
Bronze fennel sending up new leaves from the root bulb
Chamomile that has over-wintered and is peaking out from beneath the snow.
Tip layered blackcap raspberry canes with new growth buds growing next to a re-emerging garlic plant.
More blackcaps growing with some narrow-leaf plantain.

Happy growth buds on a young lilac bush.

Check back in a few weeks for more updates on the garden!

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