Scientific name: Romulea rosea

Also known as: Wild Garlic

Description: Onion grass is a perennial herb, meaning it grows back every year. It is a grass like plant that grows up to 30 cm high and 1-2 mm wide. Onion grass has about 3-10 leaves and 2-4 flowers per plant. The flowers range between pink and rosy purple colors with 6 petals and are 20 mm across. Since onion grass is technically a weed, they are very low maintenance and can grow pretty much anywhere.

Uses: Onion grass is very easy to remove in order to eat. The entire plant is edible including the bulb and can be used as a substitute for ramps, shallots, scallions, or chives. Just make sure to wash off any dirt or insects before consumption.


Onion grass can make great companion plants to many other crops due to its ability to deter pests because of its strong smell. They naturally deter aphids, beetles, and deer, helping to keep the plants around them from being eaten.